Thankyou Payroll help Employee SettingsLoading Kiwisaver / Child Support payments

Loading Kiwisaver / Child Support payments

Both Kiwisaver and Child Support settings are found under the Ks and Cs tab of employees' profiles.

Loading Kiwisaver settings

1. Enter/remove the employee's contribution rate based on your employee's settings (they may tell you this, or you may get a letter from IRD about changing them).

2. Do the same for the employer's rate.

3. ESCT is a tax on employer contributions deducted in relation to the employee's projected annual earnings. If the ESCT rate is blank, look over the employee's pay histroy to estimate their annual income. If this is unclear, select the middle band, 17.5%, as most employees fall into this bracket.

4. By default, KiwiSaver is not treated as wages. If your contract states that KiwiSaver is deducted from the gross wages then you would change that here.

In cases where an employee is going on a contributions holiday, IRD will send you another letter when the holiday ends. 


Loading Child Support settings

Child Support settings can be found directly underneath the KiwiSaver settings.

1. Simply enter the amount in the Child Support deduction box. Do not enter the $ symbol.

Note: There can be some variation on child support notices, so make sure to read them closely.

Some notices say 'on the pay day' and others say 'on the pay period ending', and the pay period date/length stated may not match up with the client's pay cycle in Thankyou Payroll.

For example, if the the notice says to deduct $125 weekly but the employee is paid fortnightly, you would enter 250 into the 'CS deduction' box.