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Leave Overview : Types of Leave

Leave balances will show on an employee's payslip as long as you have "show balances in pay slips?" selected in the employee profile/leave tab


The Annual Leave Liability can be found by clicking "Timesheets" at the top of the Dashboard then click on the employee's name.  If you have a Pay loaded on the Dashboard you will need to scroll to the bottom of the timesheet to see all employee's names.

Using "Rate as per the Holiday Act" leave method
  1. The "days allocated annual leave" balance. Days are allocated on each leave anniversary date.
  2. The "8% of gross since the most recent leave anniversary" figure indicates how much leave has accrued since the last leave anniversary.  The daily rate can be divided into this figure to convert to a day count.  The day count will show on the employee's payslip as "days available to taken in advance (at the employers discretion)
  3. The "dollar value of any leave taken in advance".  This would be if annual leave that has been taken is greater than any allocated leave available, then accrued leave will be used.  The "days allocated annual leave" will then show as a negative value by the number of days taken in advance.
  4. The balance of "days alternative leave owing" are Lieu Days that have been added to the timesheet for working a Public Holiday
  5. The balance of "sick leave available" days
Using "a % of gross earnings (temp or irregular scenerio)" leave method

If the "accumulate and pay later" has been selected in Employee Profile/leave tab you will see a value showing in "holiday pay owing".  This will be 8% of gross earnings minus any holiday pay that has previously been paid.

This can be paid in the timesheet using the "holiday pay" pay type.  We suggest entering the daily rate in each day annual leave is recorded.