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Leave: Setting for a fixed term/casual employee

A fixed-term (temporary) employees employment will end on a specified date or when a particular event occurs. A fixed-term employee might be someone who is brought in to replace another employee on parental leave, to cover a seasonal peak or to complete a project.

There must be a genuine reason based on reasonable grounds for the fixed term and the employee must be told about this reason.

For further details on entitlements for a fixed term employee please see Employment NZ

1. Select the Method

Select method "a % of gross earnings (temp and irregular scenario"

2. Leave as 8% of gross earnings

Generally you will select "leave as 8% of gross earnings"

3. How leave is paid

Select whether you wish for the employee to get their "leave paid into each pay" or "accumulate and pay later".

If the holiday pay is accumulated to pay later then it will add up in their leave liability. When you want to pay it out, you will use the "Holiday pay ($)" pay type to add the dollar value you to the timesheet.