How do I set up an employee ?

Here is a link to our YouTube video that will help you set up a new employee profile


How To - Set Up an Employee


To begin setting up a new employee let's start from the Dashboard after logging in.

Click on 'employees' in the top menu and choose 'add new employee'. This creates a new 'employee profile'.  

The following screens require details about your employee so that we can calculate and process their wages, PAYE, Kiwisaver and manage their annual holiday balance. Make sure to click "save" or "save + next" once you have finished each screen.

Employee Profile

Enter all your employee's basic details like, name, IRD number, start date, employee's bank account details, address for emails.

Standard Pay

On the standard pay page you will complete details for Standard Pay, Tax code, employee standard pay options.  If you have an employee that works the same hours each week you can "set default entries for standard pay row of timesheet".

Pay Types

This is where you can set up payments that fall outside of normal pay types, these could be for allowances such as, phone, accommodation, tools, food, back pay, bonus, other pay rates etc.  These can be set up as taxable or non taxable.

See Creating Custom Pay Type


Kiwisaver and Child Support

You can adjust any of your employees setting at any time

  1. If your employee is using Kiwisaver, the minimum contribution rate for both employer and employee is 3%
  2. Select ESCT rate depending on your employees annual income
  3. If you have an agreement with your employee that Kiwisaver contributions will be treated as wages you may use one of the options here
  4. If your employee needs to make child support contributions enter the amount here
  5. If your employee has a super fund, fill out the info here

IMPORTANT! Any new employee must be signed up to KiwiSaver unless they have made specific arrangements with the IRD. Find out more on the IRD website 


Leave in NZ can be complex and we see clients make a lot of mistakes in this area. To make things harder, a mistake in leave settings can be tricky to sort out later on and can even cost you money. If you're not 100% sure about your employees leave settings, give our friendly help desk team a call on 0800 895 146 and we can get you sorted out.

Firstly you will be required to select the method of annual leave that reflects your employee's contract.  The next fields you need to complete will depend on what leave method you have selected.

Check out these pages for further information on these different methods

Setting Leave for a Permanent employee

Setting leave for a fixed term/casual employee

Sick Leave is already set with the minimum days, maximum balance, carry over ceiling as per the holidays act.  The sick leave anniversary will be a day and month 6 months from the employee's start date, therefore when setting "date of the most recent addition of sick leave (before using TYP)" this will be the last sick leave anniversary the employee would have been allocated sick leave outside of Thankyou Payroll.


In the history tab there are two reasons why you would set amounts here.  

The first reason is if you have come to TYP half way thru a month.  So we can process your PAYE for the pays paid outside of TYP for the current month we will need you to enter details here.

Secondly if you have selected the "rate set as per the holidays act" leave method and have an employee who is coming into our system from another.  To accurately calculate accrued leave you will need to enter gross amounts for each pay period back to their last leave anniversary before coming to TYP, this should match their start day and month.



The contact page can be used for internal or organisational reference.  Go ahead and complete this now or come back to this page later to add.

The contact page can be used for internal or organisational reference.  Go ahead and complete this now or come back to this page later to add.

Once again either click "save + next" if you have entered details or click on the next tab "fines & payments".


Fines & Payments

The fines & payment pages can be used for entering any Ministry of Justice fines just complete the fields with the details.

For more information see Payments to the Ministry of  Justice

Also if the employee wishes to divide their pay into another one of their personal accounts you can enter bank account number, set a total and set payments to pay.  Please note this will not show on their payslip.


Payroll Giving is optional but if your employee wishes to donate to a favourite cause or charity then its a simple as typing in the name of the charity and entering the amount per pay to be deducted.

Once completed click update.

For more detail on payroll giving settings, click here

You have now come to the end of the employee profile set up you are now ready to include this employee in a Pay.  You can navigate away from this screen by clicking on any of the menus at the top of the screen.