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Making a correction to a past timesheet

If you forget to add leave to a timesheet that has already been processed, or if you use the incorrect pay type for some reason, you will need to create a correction pay.

A correction pay lets you change the type of hours on a past pay, for example, from standard pay to sick leave, or annual leave to standard pay.


Correction Timesheet

Here is a link to our Youtube Video that explains how to make a correction to a timesheet where an incorrect pay type has been processed.

How to - Correct Missed Leave

In this example below, we paid the 5th as standard pay, but is should have been annual leave.

To create a correction pay, create a new pay on your dashboard, and add the employee/s you want to correct. Open their timesheet by clicking on their name and change the week start date to beginning of the pay period you need to correct.

In this example we will say that we paid the 5th of June as standard pay, when it should have been annual leave. The beginning of that pay period was the 5th of June.

  1. Enter the negative value of the incorrect pay that was paid (in this case 8 hours of standard pay).
  2. Add a new row.
  3. Enter the positive value of the correct pay type.
  4. Update and save.

This pay will usually result in a $0 pay, because the hours will be of equal value and you are adding the same number that you are deducting.

A zero pay will not run by itself, and you will need to email us to have it processed. Please include the pay number and add a brief description of what happened so we can make note of that for you.