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Job costing and custom reporting

Our custom reporting tool allow clients to report on specific default pay types and selected employees over pay number range or date range. But you can now divide employees into groups and apply cost tracking too.

Set set up costing tags for employees on 'Standard pay'

In 'employee profiles / standard pay', you will see this panel. You can set 'Department', 'Section' and/or 'Job/account code' tracking info here. Entries here will be attached to standard pay entries for this employee by default.

And/or, set up custom pay types for specific job costing

In 'employee profiles / paytypes' you can create new paytypes and apply tracking tags to them.

These costing tags are also able to be changed / added in the timesheet for each pay

In the employee's timesheet:

  1. Click into the standard pay field/s you want to change a tracking tag for
  2. This panel will appear below the timesheet
  3. Enter the replacement tag here (or in any of the other two tag fields).

Reporting via Xero

Cost center tags attached to any paytypes used in a pay will be shown in Xero invoices but weilding those in Xero is not part of this resource (sorry!).

Reporting via the custom reporting tool

Go to 'reports and archive / custom reports' via the main site menu

  1. First establish the overall report type. Click on the 'pick one' button to reveal options
  2. Select the option you want to look at