Thankyou Payroll help Employee SettingsPayroll Giving - How to make a donation to charity from each pay

Payroll Giving - How to make a donation to charity from each pay

Thankyou Payroll makes donating to New Zealand charities from your payroll easy.

To set up an automatic donation from each pay...

  1. Go to the employees "giving" tab in their employee profile.
  2. Select if the employee wishes to donate anonymously.
  3. Start typing the name of the registered New Zealand Charity that they would like to donate to, and select the charity from the list of suggestions.
  4. Pick the amount they would like deducted from each pay.
  5. Click Update to save this setting.


If the charity you are looking for does not come up then they are not set up with us. Send us an email with the charity name to see if we can add them.

If your pay is fortnightly but your employee wants to donate weekly, put in the total amount that should be deducted from each pay- twice the weekly amount.


Payroll Giving is an easy way to support the causes your employees care about!

It is awesome for all involved.

For the charities - payroll giving lowers the cost of fundraising and provides a steady revenue stream.

For employees, the donations they make are deducted before they receive their pay. The process is seamless and they receive an immediate tax credit of 33% of the donation value.