Public holiday using C19 wages

Please note that this help document is a guide only. If you are unsure how best to record the wage subsidy/public holiday or how you should be paying your employees we recommend contacting a specialist. Employment New Zealand and WINZ also have some dedicated information regarding COVID19 that may be able to assist you.

How to include a Public Holiday when you are only paying the subsidy.

In this example the employer will only be paying the amount of the wage subsidy for Jane who works more than 20 hours a week and is eligible for a $585,80 weekly payment.  

The business Jane works for is not essential and hence will not be open over Easter, Friday would be an otherwise working day for Jane.

1. Select the 'Pub Hol off' pay type in the drop down menu and enter the hours Jane would normally work on a Friday.

2. Click Update and save

3. Take note of the gross

Using the wage subsidy amount ($585.80), subtract the gross amount of the public holiday to find the remainder of the subsidy to be paid.  ($365.80)

1. Select the "C19 Wages" pay type in the drop down menu

2. Divide the remainder of the wage subsidy by the remaining number of days (4) they work a week and enter into the timesheet day by day.  (This is important for annual leave calculations in the future)

3. Check the Gross amount matches the weekly wage subsidy amount. ($585.80)


How to pay a Public Holiday when you are paying a reduced weekly wage.

Please refer to the help document Using the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy explanation on 'how to pay a reduced weekly wage' for changing the default settings for the Pay Type.

1. Select the "C19 Wages" pay type in the drop down menu

2. Enter the hours worked excluding the Public Holiday

3. Add a line to the timesheet selecting 'Public Hol off'.  The hours entered will need to be adjusted to the % you are reducing your employees wage by.  

In this example the employer is paying 80% of the employees wages.

Jane normally works 8 hours on a Friday, 80% of 8 = 6.4 hours