Adding a New User

You can add multiple users to an account that you already have access to. To start adding a user to you current account, please ensure you know what user name, password and email you will be adding to that new user.

Under the setting tab on the dashboard, look for the option that says "Add user access".

This will take you to the "Account setup page- Add new user".

All the boxes in this section needs to be filled in correctly.

  1. Enter the new user name of the person wanting to be added.
  2. If the user name is available, you will see the notification on top saying "Username available".
  3. If the user name is taken, it will show in red that the user name is already active
  4. Enter the password for the new user being added
  5. Enter the email address for the new user being added
  6. Enter your existing password that you use to log into your/this account to approve the addition of a new user.
  7. Select "ADD USESR", and you're done!


Please note if the user does not have access to Thankyou Payroll, you will be able to follow the steps to create one. If the user already has access to Thankyou payroll account, then you will have to add them as current users which is a different step.

Follow the link below to add a current user to your account:



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