Custom pay types

Custom pay types can be created for employees for pay types that are not provided by the system. Common examples are different pay rates, fuel allowances, travel expenses and commissions. You can set up custom pay types for an employee in the 'pay types' section of your employee's profile. Once saved, pay types set up here will then appear as an option in the employee's timesheet.

Please note that there are separate sections to enter 'taxable' and 'non-taxable' pay types.  Depending on the type of allowance or deduction being setup, please enter the details in the appropriate section.

To create a pay type, go to the employee's profile page and select the pay types tab.

  1. Enter the name of the pay type that you want to create. This is how it will display on the timesheet/payslip when used to process the pay. 
  2. Enter the rate. This is multiplied by the selection in the 'rate per' box. A negative (-) sign can be entered before the rate to make the pay type a deduction. 
  3. Tracking tags/codes can be entered here if applicable. This will help with the invoices through Xero.

If you have set up a pay type that you need to be made available to all employees, please email us with the details and we will get this done for you.