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Changing the pay rate during a pay period

If your employee's rate changes during a pay period follow these steps


Rate changes often fall between pays, which is easy. Before turning on their timesheet, just change the rate in the employee's profile (under standard pay), save the update and you're done! All new pays will use the new rate.


Rate change happens during a pay period. The system supports this and it is easy to do but you must follow the correct order:

Create a pay for the period
  1. Check/set pay period and pay day so they fall on the correct period
  2. Switch on the employee/s you wish to pay
  3. Click on their name to go to their timesheet
Enter time on the days using the previous rate
  1. Enter the times for the days which will be paid at the original rate
  2. Update and save
Update the rate in your employee's profile

On the 'standard pay' tab, you will see the existing rate. Highlight it and make the change.

Save the profile change
  1. Once the changed rate is entered...
  2. Click 'Save' and go back to this employee's timesheet
Complete the timesheet

Notice the '..(-1)'. This denotes that there has been a chave in the profile and that this line is using the previous setting. In this case the previous minimum wage rate of $14.25 / hour. Now you need to complete the weeks entries using the new rate.

  1. Click '+' to add a row

Select 'Standard pay'

  1. Enter the rest of the weeks entries that need to be at the new rate, using 'Standard pay'
  2. Update and save the timesheet
  3. Check the details reflect the combination of the old and new rate

Nice work, you're all done here! Now you can finish the pay as normal.